The Ace Spencer Rubin Scholarship

Ace Spencer Rubin, 1958
Honoring the late Ace Spencer Rubin.

Ace Spencer Rubin was a medic during the Vietnam War. After a mine explosion, Ace went to help his fallen comrades. While bending over to help a friend, a second mine detonated. Ace lost his legs, though by blocking his chest they saved his life. He was the only survivor of the incident.

Ace never let his handicap stop him from doing anything, even though the world at the time was far less accessible than it is today. He went on to live a full and joyful life, including graduating from Hofstra University—and becoming a beloved husband, father, and grandfather.

Ace Spencer Rubin
This scholarship program has been created by those who love him, and wish to honor his memory by helping others to thrive despite disability.

The winner of the 2021 scholarship award was announced on March 16, 2022: Albert Kunickis, pictured below. Albert is an inspiring student who will be playing football for Northwestern University in the fall. Special thanks to those who contributed, bringing the total award to $5,975.

Please note: as of 2022, this scholarship has been paused and the equivalent funds will be used to assist Ace's granddaughter as she attends college. It will resume upon her graduation.

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